What is choice?

ABW or Agile working are not new concepts and something that many organisations have adopted for their workplaces. Times are changing and the workforce isn’t what it was ten years ago. A new approach to work and ways of working are transforming the way we approach workplace design.

Much like sustainability should be common practice for all designers, designing workspaces with flexibility and different levels of agility should be integral to any good workplace.

Talk to any millennial or up and coming students and they want to be able to work their own way as well as feeling at home and nurtured within their work environments. For some, this is still allocating a dedicated desk while providing alternative options within the workspace creating choice. By creating a variety of spaces both owned and free address people don’t feel they have to fit within the space but the space fits them and the levels of flexibility they wish to work at. This is providing true choice.

The ever-changing technology that is available to us can have dramatic impacts in the workplace. Providing team members with mobile technology allows them to break away from a dedicated desk and work in the variety of settings within the workspace. Ensuring no limitations, settings must be designed with a degree of intelligence and clever thinking around the functionality the person requires to undertake their work. 

Creating a space you want to come to every day, feeling at home and proud of with a level of flexibility, is where we as designers can have a great impact in shaping the workplaces of the future. People should always come first and not at the sacrifice of space.